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Providing organization, consultancy and education services to public institutions, private companies, educational institutions, hospitals and universities

Our Aim;

  • To provide consultancy services in the preparation and execution of academic studies and projects such as TUBITAK, SOBAG, Science and Society, Scientific Activity

  • To provide qualitative and quantitative analysis support to scientific studies by the expert academicians and analysts in the field

  • To provide counseling services for consultancy activities, articles, declarations, undergraduate-master's thesis, expertise thesis, data collection tools

  • Organize trainings such as methods, analysis, data collection tools, statistics that a researcher would need

  • Organize trainings on innovative teaching approaches such as STEM, entrepreneurship

  • To make a typesetting editor for academic online journals

  • To do book promotion work

Why were we established?

     Parallel to the increase of knowledge and developments in technology, the characteristics and qualifications required from individuals are increasing day by day. Parallel to this situation, expectations and behaviors are expected to increase, individuals are expected to have knowledge and experience in different issues. At this point we are trying to support and advise you with experts in our field. First of all, parallel to the increase in the number of students in graduate and doctoral programs, the number of students per lecturer has increased. However, the failure of the faculty members to provide sufficient time for the students who have been counseled for various reasons and the problems of the education-training process are beginning to be encountered in parallel with the work intensity of the graduate students. For this purpose, we are here to assist you in every part of your scientific work from the very beginning to the end, and to support your work that can contribute to the field. Besides this, academicians working in intensive work temposu; We provide counseling and trainings on topics such as methods, analysis, data collection tools and statistics that will be needed. We also support the publishing process of academic publishers and academic publications. We are also pleased to offer training and consultation on new approaches and projects by teachers and students in educational institutions.

      OrEgDa is a legal institution established to give organization, education and consultancy services at academic level in accordance with the needs of the organization and training & consultancy services within the scope of "Law on Fictions and Art Works No 5846" to academicians working with undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students and universities.

Our Vision: To be Turkey's most trusted organization, training, research, analysis and consulting to center.

Our Mission:  To be a company that provides research, consultancy and education services to academicians, undergraduate and graduate students and institutions in a reliable and ethical way.

Why Us?

  • We are working with expert staff in the field,

  • We have been consulting for many years in TUBITAK and our experiences in projects like TUBITAK 1001, 4005,

  • Our experience in setting up international journals and entering indexs,

  • Our experience with MEB program improvement and textbook writing,

  • Research methods, projects and new approaches such as STEM courses, giving activities, preparing events and publishing books,

  • Having advised on doctoral and master's thesis,

  • To do editors, assistant editors and referees in the journals,

  • We do everything carefully and meticulously,

  • We keep customer satisfaction firstly,

  • We provide a sustainable consultancy service for every researcher,

  • We do not forget that besides what you do, the teaching is also important.

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