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Organization, training and consulting with experts in the field

  • To make a typesetting editor for academic online journals

  • To make publishing preparations for books, publishing and promotional works

  • To organize events such as congress, education, symposium

  • To provide translation or editing service from Turkish to English or from English to Turkish

  • Teaching fun activities aimed at primary, secondary and high school students

  • Provide trainings on active learning approaches to teachers and prospective teachers (inquiry based learning, argumentation, STEM, 5E, skills training)

  • PISA education with context-based questioning for teachers and prospective teachers

  • To educate on scientific methods to academicians with the graduate and doctorate students on scientific research methods

It is aimed to teach the theoretical and sometimes applied courses together with the specialist in the field. Our courses are organized in Bursa, and we can organize many on-campus trainings when the required number is completed in the direction of your request.

  • The researcher is advised to answer any problems you have encountered in all processes until an academic work begins to be considered

  • To provide counseling in the thesis of graduate, master and doctoral students who want to work on the thesis

  • In your quantitative and qualitative data analysis process; decide together and make your analyzes the most accurate and reliable way

  • Providing consultancy to establish STEM center in parallel with the changing curriculum for teachers

  • To give TUBITAK project consultants to teachers and students

The consulting process is conducted in accordance with ethical rules. For this reason, we do not share anyone's work or ideas with anyone else.

You can contact us by e-mail when you want to take advantage of our consulting service. The process can be continued by e-mail or if you want to face it. We prefer face-to-face interviews and this process is proceeding in the following way. First of all, you are informing about your problem via mail. We have to solve your problem; our experts and you set up your partner times and advise you in the form of group work.

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